A legal graffiti fence in Kivenlahti

A legal graffiti fence has been set up in the Länsimetro Kivenlahti worksite. The graffiti fence goes along the Länsiväylä side of the worksite wall and the graffiti art can be viewed from the footpath between Länsiväylä and the fence.

The wall has previously been adorned with artist Emilio Mäkipää’s bird themed works, and in May, two graffiti workshops were organised there in cooperation with Soukan nuorisotila, where young people got a chance to try out their artistic skills. Many painted with spray paint for the first time under Mäkipää’s guidance.

“We have noticed that graffiti brightens up the living environment and also prevents vandalism”, says Länsimetro’s communications director Satu Linkola.

Länsimetro graffiti projects will continue in June, as Mäkipää paints his new bird themed work onto a länsimetro access tunnel building in Matinkylä.

Further information: Länsimetro feedback phone +358 (0)50 377 3700