Länsimetro announcement: Länsimetro is measuring the smoothness of co-operation in construction work

The construction work in the second phase of the Länsimetro are being realized as project management contracts. Interaction and co-operation between the different actors is emphasized in the work model, which is well suited to gigantic projects such as the construction of the Länsimetro. The project uses the Celkee Insight service for measuring the smoothness of the co-operation.

During this year contractors for five metro stations, rail lines, and a total of 24 side projects will be tendered in the Länsimetro project. The tenders for all the stations will be made by October, but the last side projects will still be tendered in the Spring of 2019. Co-operation and interaction is measured in every construction site between the construction contractor, the client, the designer, the contractors, and the other construction projects affecting the construction of the Länsimetro.

A service has been selected to provide qualitative and quantitative information on information flow, co-operation, trust, and potential barriers to information flow and co-operation.

“We want to measure co-operation and trust in every construction project and to tackle possible obstacles to co-operation at the earliest possible stage before any problems arise for the project,” says Jaakko Naamanka, Project Manager of the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti project.

The co-operation of the actors involved in the construction of the station will be measured in the project management model with an integrated questionnaire four times a year. The study will be conducted by Celkee Ltd. from Tampere.

“Co-operation can also be measured when the indicators are correctly placed. In a large construction project like the Länsimetro, with hundreds of actors, real-time and reliable information on the smoothness of co-operation is needed. According to our experience, measurements can also encourage reporting of potential problems and encourage co-operation”, says Kimmo Vättö, the service provider from Celkee Ltd.

More information:
Länsimetro  Project Manager Jaakko Naamanka, tel. +358 (0)400 421 143

Celkee Oy, CEO Kimmo Vättö, tel. +358 (0)40 506 59 34

Länsimetro is tasked with the construction of the metro line from Ruoholahti to Kivenlahti. The Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section of the West Metro will consist of 7 kilometres of rail line and 5 stations. An underground metro depot will be constructed in Sammalvuori. In 2017, a 14-kilometre rail line from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä and eight new stations were completed.  The metro operates completely underground in two parallel tunnels. www.lansimetro.fi, @metrorakentuu