Glass wall at Matinkylä’s bus terminal completed

Construction of a glass wall at Matinkylä metro station’s bus terminal level has been completed. The glass wall was built from March to May at the bus terminal, in the area between the K-Market and R-kioski, to enhance the enjoyment of the shopping centre’s patrons and business owners.

“The end result looks as it should, it suits the space well,” says Perttu Tavia, who supervised the work on behalf of Länsimetro.

The glass wall was designed by the architecture firm HKP Oy, which also designed the Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä metro stations, as well as the Matinkylän bus terminal.

The wall was built at a busy junction where the metro entrance and the passage to the bus terminal and the shops at the bus-terminal level meet.

“Co-operation between the shopping centre, the business owners and the customers was good. If any development proposals related to the construction arrangements came up, the contractor took them into consideration right away,” says Tavia.

The glass wall keeps the heat in, especially during winter, making the bus terminal level a more enjoyable place to be. The wall’s three sliding doors operate with motion sensors. People can walk both in and out through all of the sliding doors. Two regular swing doors were also built into the glass wall.

The work was carried out by Hermanns Oy, Are Oy and Rakennuspalvelu Heino.

Further information:

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