Espoonlahti wins first Safest Metro Worksite competition of 2019 – “Safety work never ends”

The first Safest Metro Worksite competition of 2019 has been won by Länsimetro’s Espoonlahti worksite, whose project management contractor is SRV.

Safest Metro Worksite is Länsimetro’s own work safety competition and the winner is selected from among the ongoing metro station contracts every six months.

“Of course it feels good to receive this recognition, but it’s important to remember that the award belongs to the entire worksite,” says Jonne Juutilainen, SRV’s OHS Manager for the Espoonlahti project.

Starting in 2019, new criteria have been used in the Safest Metro Worksite competition. Six areas are taken into account: the results of MVR/TR indicators, safety observations that lead to measures, near-miss situations, accidents, environmental damage and property damage.

“What’s new is the major role that safety observations play in the competition. By making safety observations, we try to prevent accidents. The observations also lead to issues being addressed – observations are reported in the electronic system and only safety observations that have been marked as taken care of are included in the competition results,” says Susanna Laukkanen, Länsimetro’s Risk and Safety Manager.

The Espoonlahti worksite gained the most points in the competition in terms of MVR and TR indicators. The Espoonlahti worksite also made the most safety observations that led to follow-up measures, altogether 314.

“At the entire SRV level, the goal is to make at least 25 safety observations at the worksite per month. We are also part of the Zero Accident Forum through SRV, the goal of which is to reach the zero-accident goal by 2020,” explains Juutilainen.

“It was great to see that the project management contract also focusses on safety and considers it to be important,” says Laukkanen.

“There’s always something to improve, however. Just because we won doesn’t mean that the safety work will end,” Juutilainen points out.

The Soukka worksite also did well in the competition – it made 263 safety observations during the competition period and no accidents leading to injury took place at the worksite during the period.

The second Safest Metro Worksite competition period for 2019 is from July to December.

*The MVR indicator is used for observing both safety issues that are in order and those in need of improvement. The TR indicator is a method for measuring the safety of building construction sites.