Drilling and excavation of Tontunmäki shaft to continue in week 39

Work on the shaft connected to the West Metro tunnels at the intersection of Myllytontuntie and Kulkuspolku in Tontunmäki will continue. This shaft will serve as an emergency exit, smoke extraction, pressure equalisation and ventilation shaft for the West Metro. Drilling will begin in week 39 (the week beginning 23 September) and continue until the middle of November. Excavation will begin in late November, and reinforcement work towards the middle of December, in week 50.

Shaft structures and the shaft building above the ground will be constructed in 2013-2014.

Tunnel excavation will be completed during 2013, and the West Metro line is scheduled to open for traffic towards the end of 2015.

Further information

Worksite on-duty phone line tel. +358 50 539 9927
Länsimetro Oy feedback phone line tel. +358 50 377 3700 (Mon-Fri 09.00-15.00)