Cooperation and responsibility are priorities in the second phase of the West Metro

Excavation is progressing for the second phase of the West Metro between Matinkylä and Kivenlahti. Five new stations – Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti – are being completed for this stretch. An underground metro depot is being build for HKL at Sammalvuori.

The second-phase project organisation is moving to joint premises in Olari, Espoo at the end of May. The key actors will be brought under the same roof: government agencies, design, construction, finance, quality and risk management, and other functions.

The lessons learned and experience gained during phase one highlight joint work, responsibility, safety, innovation and quality in particular, as well as smooth everyday life for metro passengers.

Clearer objectives

The objectives of phase two were clarified in project workshops and will direct all work done in phase two.

“We want to build a metro which improves the everyday lives of residents and creates value for every euro spent on it. Open communication with all stakeholders and the transparency of our work is highlighted in everything we do. We have a responsibility towards the taxpayer,” stresses Ville Saksi, the Managing Director of Länsimetro.

The aim is to build a metro which eases the everyday lives of passengers. A clear route and frequent services will ensure that there is no need to keep glancing at a timetable. The metro is a reliable facility that will take you quickly to your destination. Stations are located in places frequented by people, close to services.

It is intended that the metro investment will pay for itself. As an investment it is profitable, high-quality and durable. Innovative solutions are being sought and construction will stimulate overall economic growth in Finland.

The second phase will be built together. Information must flow in every direction. Good work is being rewarded based on the joint objective of getting the metro ready on time. The metro is being built responsibly and safely. Occupational safety is an everyday priority and the reliability and safety of the metro is first class, even by international standards. Responsibility also means accountability towards the taxpayer; we need to stick to schedule and budget, and communications must be open and transparent.