Artwork for the West Metro extension completed – metro service will start in 2023

The artwork at the new West Metro stations has been completed. Each of the five stations features a piece of art that matches the architecture of the station. The aim is to make the stations more attractive, inviting and recognisable. 

Right now, testing of the different systems in various emergency situations is underway at the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section’s stations and metro line. The metro service is expected to start between Matinkylä and Kivenlahti during 2023.

The works of art, which represent different forms of art, must also mesh with the station’s architecture and be easy to maintain. The art makes the stations more inviting and attractive, but its purpose is also linked to the entire station’s design – it improves navigation by helping passengers tell each station apart.

“Tens of thousands of people use the metro each day. More and more travellers arrive in Espoo by metro. The metro station is our calling card and it improves people’s daily lives. Art plays a big role in making the stations more attractive and inviting,” says Susanna Tommila, Cultural Director for the City of Espoo.

The works of art were realised collaboratively by the artists, architects and station contractors as part of the stations’ construction project. Integrated into the station’s architecture and structures, the art replaces some of the station’s other structures such as sections of the platform wall. The total cost of the artwork is estimated at some EUR 1.2. million.

“Participating in the art project has been a great experience. It has been a long process from selecting the artists to the completion of the works of art. Collaboration with the stations’ architects has been excellent,” says the project’s art coordinator Jaakko Niemelä. 

The creations are mostly located on the station platforms where they are also visible from the trains.

“It was important to us to add different forms of art to the West Metro’s phase two stations and we were looking for new types of innovations from each artist. At the same time, the creations are an interesting representation of each artist’s body of work. I’m delighted that art has been given such a significant role in the West Metro’s Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section,” says Pilvi Kahlama, Executive Director of EMMA.

More information about artworks and artists.

Each of the five stations features a piece of art that matches the architecture of the station. Watch the videos. 

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Satu Linkola, Communications Director, Länsimetro Oy, tsatu.linkola(at)