Access control system and GSM network for construction stage acquired

The competitive tendering for access control systems has been completed for all construction sites in the second phase of West Metro, and a GSM network has been acquired for the duration of the construction. The access control system during construction will be supplied by Ramirent Finland Ltd. The total price is EUR 496,000.

The underground GSM network used during construction will be provided by Elisa Corporation. The total price is EUR 161,000.

The access control system delivery consists of an access control management system and field equipment for all construction site gates throughout the duration of the project. Each construction site gate will be locked, with the construction site only accessed through these gates. This will not only prevent outsiders from entering the site but also prevents vandalism and theft, and increases occupational safety.

The underground GSM network will improve safety and efficiency during construction. The worksite area covers two parallel tunnels, a total of 17.5 kilometres and 5 stations. However, there is no GSM coverage in the underground tunnels.  The system during the construction will be used until the final GSM cables will be implemented.

System installation is already under way.

More information:
Länsimetro Oy, Technical Director Raimo Kaunismäki, tel.  050 390 6670