West Metro’s new fire safety expert is an experienced engineer and fireman

Mikko Mauro begun work as a fire safety expert in the West Metro project on 25 October. In addition to supervising fire engineering, Mauro will focus on managing fire safety as a whole in the planning, construction and introduction phases of the project.

Mauro transferred to the West Metro from L2 Fire Safety Ltd. He previously worked at L2 as a fire engineer in the West Metro’s Ruohonlahti-Matinkylä phase, so the West Metro is a familiar project for him.

Mauro also has practical experience in rescue work – before his career as a fire engineer, he worked as a fireman. He also holds a Master’s degree in education from the University of Helsinki.

“The metro offers interesting challenges in a professional sense. We are implementing a good, high-quality public transport solution that will serve society in an extensive way”, Mauro says.