West Metro excavations will continue in Kivenlahti until autumn 2017

A terminal station will be built at Kivenlahti during the second phase of the West Metro. Tunnel excavations are currently underway at the Kivenlahti site, which is already around 95 per cent ready and will be completed in May-June 2017.

During weeks 19-20, embankment excavation for the Kivenlahti station will begin in the vicinity of Meriusva 1 and last around three months. All excavations for the Kivenlahti station are expected to reach completion in August-September 2017; until then, the effects of excavation will also be evident in the neighbourhood of Meriusva 1.

Excavation is currently under way at the site and rock bolt reinforcement is being carried out in the east line tunnels and the western shaft chamber. Shaft excavation is under way and reinforcement bolts are being installed in the east and west escalator shaft. Both escalator shafts have been excavated all the way to the surface. The final shotcreting is being performed as a reinforcement measure in the eastern turnout chamber.

At the end of the excavation process, a final inspection will be performed of the buildings located within a 150-metre radius of the excavation work, to chart any possible effects of the excavations. The inspection of Meriusva 1 is scheduled for the early autumn; this will be announced closer to the time.

You can use the Länsimetro monitoring service to follow the progress of the excavation (seuranta.lansimetro.fi).  Excavated tunnels are marked in green and the locations of stations in red.