Sneak peek at a metro worksite: elevator installation underway at several worksites

Elevators are a conspicuous and familiar feature of metro stations and a key contributor to accessibility. There will be altogether 32 elevators on the West Metro’s Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. The first elevator for the section was hauled to Kaitaa at the end of January and it is nearing commissioning, with only final installations left. Elevators are being installed currently at the Finnoo and Soukka metro stations, in addition to Kaitaa. The elevators will be hauled to the worksites in the summer and autumn. Their installation work will continue all the way until the start of 2021. The supplier of elevators for West Metro’s Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section is KONE Elevators Ltd.

The Soukantori elevator shaft before installation has begun. The lifting height of the elevator to be installed in the shaft is 45.2 metres. The elevator and elevator equipment will be hauled to the bottom of the shaft. Installation of the elevator will proceed in the shaft from the bottom upward.

For example, a group of four elevators is currently being installed at the Soukantori entrance of Soukka metro station. Altogether 10 elevators will be installed at the station, of which six will be located at the Soukantori entrance and two inclined elevators at the entrance to Yläkartanontie. Additionally, there are two elevators at the end near the Yläkartanontie entrance, which commuters can use to travel between the platform and the intermediate level. Access to the Soukantori entrance takes place through four side-by-side elevators. In addition to the elevators, commuters may also use the escalators at the Yläkartanontie entrance.

The elevators are one of 30 subcontracts that are carried out on the entire metro line. A large proportion of the subcontracts are related to the metro’s safety. These subcontracts include standby generators, smoke extraction fans, camera surveillance, the fire alarm system and public address system for emergencies.

Ihmisiä lippulaivassa, jossa on neljän hissin ryhmä hissejä.
Access to the Soukantori entrance takes place through four side-by-side elevators. The image is a conceptual rendering of Soukantori’s ticket hall.