Open excavation begins at the Finnoo worksite

Open excavation work is about to start at the Länsimetro Finnoo worksite at the western technical shaft, the Meritie entrance shaft and the eastern technical shaft. Open excavation includes explosions, drilling, rock loading and rock transport. Open excavation takes place on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The excavation work at the western technical shaft takes place during weeks 21–25, after which there will be a break of about six weeks. An inspection, performed in cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute on 24 May, was used to monitor the effects of explosions in the western technical shaft on wetland birds. The birds did not noticeably react to the sound or vibration of explosions and nesting birds did not leave their nests.

Open excavation will take place at the Meritie entrance from week 21 to August and after then, inclined shaft excavation will continue at the entrance.

Drilling work is performed at the eastern technical shaft during weeks 20-27. Possible effects of the explosion work on birds is estimated separately in cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute in the beginning of June in connection with the first explosions.

Excavation work at the shaft intended for use by Rescue Services, which is located next to the eastern shaft, takes place between August and November 2017.

Open and shaft excavation at the Finnoonsilta entrance starts end of November – early December and is due to be finished in early 2018.

Further information: Länsimetro feedback phone number (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00): +358 (0)50 377 3700