Mari Mannila appointed Director of Administration to reinforce Länsimetro Oy’s organisation

Mari Mannila (Master of Laws, trained-at-bench) has started in the position of Director of Administration at Länsimetro Oy.

Mannila’s job description is a new one for Länsimetro. She reinforces Länsimetro’s organisation in terms of ownership and development. Länsimetro Oy’s task is to build, own, maintain and develop the metro system, tracks and stations from Ruoholahti westwards. As the metro system and infrastructure owner, Länsimetro Oy ensures that the West Metro’s metro system and its stations provide a safe commuting environment throughout their lifecycle. When the construction project is completed, Länsimetro Oy will be responsible for approximately 2.5 billion euros worth of infrastructure assets.

Mannila’s tasks relate to the company’s administration, Länsimetro Oy’s permit matters and procurements, as well as the development of the company’s internal processes, such as documentation management and internal operating guidelines. Her job description also includes participating in several co-operation groups, in the administration of Länsimetro Oy’s subsidiaries and in the preparation of board meetings.

Mannila has a background in law, and her law career spans more than ten years. She has also earned the Finnish qualification of ‘judicial training’. In her previous jobs she gained experience in, for instance, conflict resolution, contracts and corporate law, corporate M&As and real estate transactions, as well as construction permit and city planning matters.

“I believe that my background as a lawyer gives me a good foundation for this work. I am very organised and know how to manage the big picture. I am also familiar with the construction and real estate world through my previous work experience,” says Mannila.

While studying law at the University of Helsinki, she thought she would first gain experience working in a law office and then switch to corporate law or administrative tasks.

“There is a high number of lawyers in similar work serving as administrative managers and directors. This is a new environment for me, and I expect to learn more about the company’s operations. The West Metro is a topical and interesting project. This role did not exist as such before, so at least there is no chance of getting bored,” says Mannila.

Mannila has now been working at Länsimetro for a few weeks, and she is pleased with how she has been received by the company.

“It was easy to join Länsimetro; I was warmly welcomed by the work community. I never for a moment felt like an outsider, which is possible when you step into an entirely new situation. So far, things look very promising,” she sums up.