Länsimetro included in Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s safety level classification

Länsimetro has placed in level III of the Zero Accident Forum’s safety level classification concerning occupational safety. The classification, organised by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, involved a total of 92 workplaces around Finland. The classifications were given to member workplaces or units that have invested in continuously improving their occupational safety.

“Nationally speaking, we are at a very good level. Our accident frequency rate is 11.7, whereas the average rate for other member workplaces was 19.5. Of course, there is always room for improvement. Although a major project always involves a tremendous amount of construction, safety is always the most important consideration,” says Susanna Laukkanen, Risk and Safety Manager for the West Metro project.

Länsimetro’s goal as a developer is to jump up one level in safety matters, to category II, next year. The company continuously works to promote safety – an on-line system for filing safety observations been created in the project, for instance. The idea behind it is for employees to spot potential hazards at worksites, with follow-up actions then taken to prevent the risks from materialising. Near-miss and accident figures are continuously assessed in projects, and worksite safety is monitored. Instructions, guidance and advice are always emphasised.

“Above all, the most important aspect is to influence safety attitudes.  All accidents can be prevented,” Laukkanen sums up.