Koivusaari metro station’s platform-level floor to be re-laid – station will be closed in the summer

The Koivusaari metro station’s floor will be re-laid at the platform level in summer 2020 due to cracks in the mosaic concrete. Although the cracks do not affect the usability of the station, it was decided that the repairs should be completed as soon as possible. For that reason, the surface structures of the platform-level floor will be re-laid between 1 June and 5 August 2020.

In order to ensure that the floor can be completed over as brief a period as possible, the Koivusaari station will be closed while the work is carried out. This also means that disruptions caused by the work site will be concentrated in the summer season, when commuter volumes are the lowest.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to commuters. The repair work will be carried out efficiently and safely such that the metro traffic passing through the station will not be disrupted, and the duration of the work will be as short as possible. The work will be carried out in three shifts. The station’s elevators and entrance lobby will be reserved for the work site personnel during the repair work. While the work is carried out, frequent metro traffic will run on both sides of the work site. The smooth flow of metro traffic was taken into account when the repair work was planned.

In 2019, the Koivusaari metro station had an average of 2,100 commuters per weekday. In July 2019, the average number of commuters was roughly 1,500 per weekday. Commuter volumes were smaller on weekends, both in summer and winter. The next metro station, Lauttasaari, had an average of 12,200 commuters per weekday, and for July that figure was 9,200.

During the floor repairs, HSL will provide additional bus transportation from the Katajaharju and Isokaari areas to the Lauttasaari metro station. Bus line 104, which travels from Lauttasaari metro station along Lauttasaarentie to Haukilahti, also serves commuters in the area. In Espoo’s Hanasaari, buses will run along Länsiväylä during rush hour periods also in the summertime. HSL will provide more information on the alternative connections during the spring on the website hsl.fi/koivusaari2020, and the information will be available in Reittiopas at a later date.

The Koivusaari metro station was completed in 2016 and opened to the public in November 2017.

Further information:

Länsimetro’s feedback telephone  (mon–fri  9 am–3 pm.): 050 377 3700

HSL (Helsinki Region Transport): traffic arrangements and commuter information: hsl.fi/koivusaari2020