Koivusaari metro station’s floor surfaces to be re-laid starting 1 June – station will be closed from 1 June until 5 August 2020

Länsimetro Oy is renovating the Koivusaari metro station’s floor surface at the platform level in summer 2020 due to cracks in the mosaic concrete. The floor renovation will be carried out by SRV Rakennus Oy. While the floor surface is being re-laid, from 1 June until 5 August 2020, the Koivusaari station will be closed. This means that metro cars will not stop at the station, and the station’s entrance will be closed. Although the cracks do not affect the usability of the station, it was decided that the repairs should be completed as soon as possible. For that reason, in order to ensure that the floor can be completed over as brief a period as possible, the Koivusaari station will be closed while the work is carried out. This also means that disruptions caused by the work site will be concentrated in the summer season, when commuter volumes are the lowest.

The floor renovation will begin with the setting up of the worksite and demolition and protection work. The demolition stage will last roughly four weeks. Some of the foundation work for the floor structures will be carried out simultaneously over a period of four weeks. As the foundation work progresses one area at a time, the installation of new floor tiles and floor markings will be started. Finally, the necessary final touches, final cleaning and dismantling of the worksite will be carried out, and the station will be ready to open to commuter traffic in August.

The floor renovation work will take place in three shifts around the clock. The repair work will be carried out efficiently and safely such that the metro traffic passing through the station will not be disrupted, the activities at the worksite will not cause major disturbances to the neighbourhood, and the duration of the work will be as short as possible. The worksite area has been cordoned off from the metro traffic. Work that causes dust will take place inside a tent. The station’s elevators and entrance lobby will be reserved for the work site personnel during the repair work. In the event of exceptional circumstances, for instance a stop in metro traffic, commuters will be able to exit the station via the Koivusaari station’s emergency exit routes, following the instructions given.

Information about the progress of the Koivusaari metro station’s floor renovation will be provided on the Koivusaari station’s page of the website.The nearby properties will be kept up to date on the progress of the work during the construction period.

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Additional information on the floor surface renovation

Koivusaari metro station’s renovation, the worksite’s 24/7 phone line: +358 (0)44 980 4326

Project Manager Reima Liikamaa, reima.liikamaa@srv.fi

Länsimetro’s feedback line (Mon–Fri, 9 am to 1 pm): +358 (0)50 377 3700