Finnoo wins Länsimetro’s Co-operation Award

The Co-operation Award is Länsimetro’s own perpetual trophy that is awarded twice a year to a winner selected from its own active contracts. This marks the second time the award was given out, and the winner was the West Metro’s Finnoo worksite. The Finnoo metro station includes the Finnoonsilta and Meritie entrances. Learn more about the Finnoo metro worksite.

“A construction project of the West Metro’s magnitude highlights co-operation and interaction between the various players. 2020 is a year of fast-paced construction, and this is currently one of the busiest periods of the project, which means cracks in the collaboration may happen easily under such tremendous pressure. We want to measure co-operation and trust in every construction contract and address potential obstacles to the collaboration as early as possible before they pose problems for the progress of the project. Thanks to the solid co-operation between the different players, we are making it through the challenges, and when Länsimetro simultaneously hands over all five stations and the rail section to HKL in 2023, we can be proud of what we have accomplished together,” says Länsimetro Oy’s CEO Ville Saksi.

The award is given twice a year to a winner selected from Länsimetro’s own active worksites. The objective is to continuously improve co-operation and trust. Länsimetro measures the smoothness of co-operation on its worksites four times a year using a questionnaire that is integrated into the project management model. Measurements have been made since June 2018 as the construction contracts have started up. All parties involved in the construction answer the questionnaire. The respondents give a numerical grade, as well as open-ended comments on various themes. The Celkee Insight service is used for the measurement, which provides information on communication, co-operation, trust and professional pride. The criteria for the award are, in addition to the average score given to the themes in the survey, the positive development of the worksite’s results, the response rate for each respondent group and the number of comments.

A constructive feedback culture stems from common goals and trust

At the Finnoo worksite, the average score given to the themes evaluated in the survey developed favourably since the results obtained at the start of the year. The results improved in the areas of communication, co-operation, trust and professional pride. The results were also at a good level. It is worth noting that at Finnoo, the survey respondents left numerous comments. The comments were made in people’s own names and in a constructive spirit. Finnoo’s response rate was 49%. The response rate decreased from the previous survey both for Finnoo and other worksites.

“Conscious efforts have been made by both the contractor and the customer to improve the feedback culture at Finnoo. These efforts are reflected, for example, in the number of comments made by the survey respondents in their own names. We are working together on a project management contract, and we share the opinion with the contractor that giving feedback in your own name is an inherent aspect of collaboration. We openly discuss matters. We don’t single out individuals or lay blame if there is a problem. A multi-year project involves a range of situations and sometimes even challenging moments, but co-operation is necessary in order to resolve problems and reach the finish line,” says Finnoo’s Construction Manager Mika Malkki.