Electrical Supervisor appointed for the rail line and Location Manager for the Kivenlahti station

New employees have started work on the West Metro project: Ismo Penttinen as a rail line electrical supervisor and Michael Träskelin as a location manager for the Kivenlahti station.

Penttinen is responsible for supervising the quality of electrical installation work of the seven-kilometre Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section of the rail line. Penttinen has a long career behind him with different electrical and automation projects. He has, for instance, worked as a designer and project manager for a power plan unit at Siemens for 15 years, as a project manager for the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant project and as a unit manager at Empower, and in an electrical supervising position at Areva for the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant project.

Furthermore, Penttinen has international experience from working for a nuclear power plan unit at Siemens AG in Karlsruhe, Germany, and at Ackermann u. Schmitt in Steinheim, Germany, for a period of years at each.

“West Metro is a completely new and different kind of project for me. On the other hand, I bring my own addition to the project thanks to my long experience,” Penttinen states.

“I heard that there is a good atmosphere, and, after first days, it already looks nice. I like the fact that we all work in the same big room, because, this way, communication works better, and team spirit is improved as well,” he adds.

Construction of the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section is about to begin in June 2018.

“I joined the project at the exact right time,” Penttinen states delightedly. After the construction work begins, his days will mainly be spent at the worksite base to be built for the Hyljetie shaft.

Ismo Penttinen

Kivenlahti Location Manager has experience in motorway and track construction

Michael Träskelin will begin in the position of location manager. Alongside the real estate development manager, the location manager is in charge of construction and providing the contractor with operational guidance as well as making sure that, for instance, the objectives set for schedules, costs and quality are met.

Träskelin has previously worked with the Koskenkylä–Kotka and Hamina–Vaalimaa motorway projects at Sweco PM. Träskelin is very familiar with track infrastructure due to working with the Ilmala marshalling yard modernisation project. Previously, Träskelin has also worked at Lemminkäinen Infra Oy (current YIT Infra Oy) and was involved in construction of the Bothnia Line in Sweden.

“It is great to be back working with such a large-scale and long-term project. West Metro is a unique, large and significant project, and I highly doubt that I will never be involved in another project like this in my career,” Träskelin states.

Träskelin, too, is excited about working in the same big room.

“When an organisation is as wide as this, it is important that we all work under the same roof and that the entire concept functions as one. So far, so good,“ Träskelin states.

Michael Träskelin