Construction works in Kaitaa to be overseen by an experienced construction professional

Risto Kainulainen has been appointed as the foreman of the West Metro’s construction site in Kaitaa. This is not Kainulainen’s first time on the West Metro project, as he also oversaw the construction works of the Aalto University station during the first stage of the project.

“I am happy to be back. The West Metro is a complex project and the only one of its kind in Finland”, Kainulainen says.

Kainulainen has a total of 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and he has been involved in both new developments and renovations as well as infrastructure projects.

The contractor in charge of the construction works in Kaitaa is a consortium formed of YIT Construction Ltd and Are Oy, and the work is due to start at the beginning of October. Kainulainen will spend most of his time at the building site in Kaitaa, where he will ensure the standard of the contractor’s work and progress according to the agreed schedule.

“I am used to turning up on site early in the morning. The first thing I do is go over the previous day’s works with the contractor. In addition to overseeing progress, my job includes coordinating engineering works as well as attending various kinds of meetings”, Kainulainen explains.

Risto Kainulainen