Construction work of the west metro is set to begin in Ruoholahti

The construction phase of the west metro is set to begin in Ruoholahti later this year. Initial inspections will be carried out on all buildings in the immediate vicinity of the future metro line prior to the start of excavation.

The aim of the inspections is to examine the structure and condition of the buildings and to document property. Along with the examination procedures, any fragile equipment in flats and offices will be protected. A closing inspection will be carried out on all property once the construction project is complete and any resulting damage recorded. Länsimetro is responsible for the compensation of any and all damage to property caused by their excavation work.

Inspections in the Ruoholahti area apply to all property located within 150 metres of the metro tunnel to be excavated. The Ruoholahti project covers excavation work of the tunnel from Ruoholahti metro station to the waterfront at Salmisaari.

The inspections will be carried out by Länsimetro’s expert partner, Kalliotekniikka Consulting Engineers Ltd. The company will contact the owner or house manager of each building in order to make arrangements for the exact time of inspection. Detailed information about inspection times and procedures will be provided beforehand.

Länsimetro will also be organising an information event for the residents of the Ruoholahti area before construction work begins. Further information about the event will be posted well in advance, both on the Länsimetro website and in local newspapers.