Construction begins on Soukka station

The construction of the Soukka station will begin in August 2018. The work is carried out by Työyhteenliittymä YIT-ARE RU23 (a consortium of YIT Rakennus Oy and Are Oy).

The work consists of building Soukka metro station, its technical shafts, two entrances and a service tunnel extending from Soukanväylä to the station. The surface area of the underground facilities is about 20,000 m2. A total of almost 11,000 m3 of concrete will be cast. The station entrances will be in Soukantori and Yläkartanontie.

The work will begin with the construction of a worksite base at the Soukantie worksite area. The construction of the station begins with the platform level’s framework, consisting of concrete walls, pillars and arches. The framework construction begins from the bottom up, advancing floor by floor towards the surface.

During construction, there will be an increase in construction traffic around the mouths of the shafts and access tunnels. Otherwise, construction will cause no major changes in the surrounding environment.

During the construction phase, quiet work may be done around the clock, but noisy work may be done according to the noise permit issued by the Espoo Environment Agency:

  • weekdays from Monday to Friday, 7am–6pm
  • weekdays 6pm–10pm and 9am–6pm on non-bank holiday Saturdays if the noise level of the work is a maximum of 35dB in nearby residences

The construction phase of the West Metro’s Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section is scheduled for 2019–2021. The building phase will include five stations, the track and the Sammalvuori depot, as well as the installation of various systems. Work will be handed over by the contractors in 2022– 2023, followed by joint use tests and official inspections. In 2023, the stations and rail line will be handed over to the operator, i.e. HKL, in order to begin running passenger traffic.

More information about the Soukka construction will be given on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 at 5.307.30pm at Soukan palvelutalo (address Soukankaari 7). Welcome!