Safest Metro Worksite competition

Safety is a major concern already during construction, and Länsimetro urges its contractors to build safely. In order to develop worksite safety and good safety practices, and to encourage contractors to build safely, we have launched the Safest Metro Worksite competition. The competition runs for six months at a time, and the winner is determined based on operations in January–June and July–December.

All contracts in the West Metro project that are in progress throughout the competition period are automatically included in the competition.

Aiming for zero accidents

The competition encourages worksites to take a preventive approach to their work and to continuously improve safety. The competition criteria meet the safety goals that have been set for the West Metro project. In the competition, six areas are taken into account: MVR/TR indicators, safety observations that lead to measures, near-miss situations, and accidents involving personal injury, environmental damage and property damage.

The focus during the competition period is on preventive work. Safety observations that lead to measures play a major role in the Safest Metro Worksite competition, encouraging contractors to pay attention to safety by taking a preventive approach and applying corrective measures to avoid accidents. Each contractor makes a weekly MVR/TR measurement round to observe the current situation and safety level at the worksite. These weekly inspections reveal any shortcomings in worksite safety, while at the same time acknowledging matters that are in order.

The winning worksite during each half-year period will receive the West Metro project’s Safest Metro Worksite perpetual trophy.

MVR, known by its Finnish acronym, is an observation-based method for civil engineering measurements to ensure an acceptable level of safety at an earth and water construction worksite. The MVR measurement is used for observing both safety issues that are in order and those in need of improvement. The TR measurement is a method for measuring the safety of building construction sites. The safety measurement focuses on the correct issues, and the positive feedback provides motivation to develop work methods.