Rescue exercises

Länsimetro organises regular rescue exercises together with contractors, the Helsinki City Rescue Department and the Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services.

The tunnel worksites of the west metro are classified as demanding rescue locations, so these kinds of exercises are also an excellent way for the rescue services to improve their skills.

The objective of the exercises is to practise rescue operations in difficult conditions in the tunnel

The theme of the exercises varies depending on the location from extinguishing a fire to rescuing employees. The parties of the exercises are rescue services, contractors at the worksite, and Länsimetro. Besides rescue operations, the exercises also test crisis communication and the flow of information between the parties.

The tunnel worksite offers rescue services a good place to practise in very exceptional conditions. The employees at the worksite, on the other hand, can test their own readiness in a crisis together with rescue services. The objective is to arrange exercises at all worksites that are in operation for longer than six months.