Länsimetro Oy

Länsimetro Oy is a limited liability company that is jointly owned by the cities of Espoo and Helsinki. Länsimetro Oy’s task is to build, own, maintain and develop the West Metro system, tracks and stations from Ruoholahti westwards. The transport operator and developer of the rail section and stations from Ruoholahti eastward is the Metropolitan Area Transport Lt.

As the metro system and infrastructure owner, Länsimetro Oy’s task is to ensure that the West Metro’s metro system and its stations provide a safe commuting environment throughout their lifecycle.

Länsimetro Oy has been responsible for the overall construction in accordance with the project plan, first from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä, and is responsible for the second phase of construction, from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti.

The second phase of the West Metro project, Matinkylä–Kivenlahti, involves the construction of seven kilometres of rail line and five new stations, and the construction of an underground metro depot in Sammalvuori. The rail line, stations, depot and metro system that are part of the second phase will also remain under Länsimetro Oy’s ownership. When the project is completed, Länsimetro Oy will be responsible for approximately 2.5 billion euros worth of infrastructure assets.

The West Metro project is responsible for ensuring that the rail section, stations and depot are completed on schedule and remain within the cost estimate. Every station and rail line has been assigned its own project management contractor. The Sammalvuori depot is being built by a consortium. An integrated project organisation that binds all parties has been established for the project; it operates in Matinkylä, Espoo, under the ‘big room’ principle.