Works by visual artist Seija Rissanen displayed at the Tapiola metro office

Works by visual artist Seija Rissanen are on display at the Tapiola metro office from 25 September to 2 November.

Seija Rissanen has her studio on Karhusaari in Espoo. Every day she passes by the entrance to the West Metro service tunnel.

“I followed the excavation of that huge opening with great interest from the very first blasting. As the work progressed, I became increasingly fascinated with this hole in the ground that was growing deeper and deeper,” Seija Rissanen says.

Seija Rissanen began this series of acrylic paintings on Aleksis Kivi Day (10 October) and finished on Lucia Day (13 December) in 2011. Rissanen’s paintings are a series of impressions of morning at the tunnel entrance.

“The paintings are largely fiction, quickly executed depictions of what morning looks like around the tunnel entrance, since I could not go any further than that,” Rissanen explains.

“I was dazzled with the idea of capturing the greyness of autumn, the shades of grey in the water, snow and stone, and above all the play of light on these elements,” says Seija Rissanen of the genesis of the paintings displayed at the metro office.

From stone to light – visual artist Seija Rissanen
Exhibition at the Länsimetro office in Tapiola
Tapiontori 3 A
Open Mon–Thu 09.00 to 16.00 and Fri 09.00 to 15.00