Wanderers sculptures now completed at Kivenlahti station!

Art will be incorporated into the architecture of every metro station along the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. The aim is to make the stations more attractive, inviting and recognisable. The metro stations will feature art in various forms – light, sound, paintings and sculptures.

The pair of sculptures by Kalle Mustonen called “Wanderers” is the featured work of art at the Kivenlahti terminal station. The installation of the sculptures on the station platform began in March 2021 and was declared completed in the review carried out in late May. This was the culmination of a long process. Mustonen began to sketch the Wanderers in autumn 2018, after which he made a scale model of the sculptures and prepared working drawings. He began creating the full-sized pair of sculptures in October 2019, and the 17-month-long journey came to an end with the review in May. In the autumn, a competition will be held to name the work of art.

The terminal station’s landmark consists of two wooden figures that are approximately two and three metres high. The humorous figures, which appear to be running in the middle of the metro platform, are endearing and will stand the test of time. Created in warm wood, the sculptures contrast with the otherwise light tones of the metro station. ALA-Architects is responsible for the architectural design of the station.

Havainnekuva Kivenlahden metroaseman asemalaiturille tulevista oransseista veistoksista. Teoksen nimi on Kulkijat. Taiteilija on Kalle Mustonen. Teoksen muodostaa kaksi noin kaksi ja kolme metriä korkeaa, puista humoristista hahmoa
Conceptual rendering of the Wanderers in autumn 2018. Photo: K. Mustonen
The parts of the Wanderers prior to surface treatment, ready for transport to Kivenlahti. Photo: K. Mustonen.
The Wanderers sculptures will be protected on the platform at Kivenlahti metro station during the finalisation of construction and testing. Photo: P. Littu.

The finishing touches are also being put on the artwork for the other metro stations. Take a look at the metro station art.