The new Soukka location manager is interested in projects that come up once in a lifetime

A new location manager, Kimmo Hirvonen has been appointed for the Soukka location organization. The location manager directs the construction of the station, maintains contact with the planning and contractors, and supervises the contractors’ activity.

“The management and direction of the whole is important in this role,” says Hirvonen.

Hirvonen has worked, among others, in Valmet Ltd. and Rakennuttajatoimisto HTJ Ltd. building business locales and industry projects. He has international experience from Uruguay and Portugal, where he was involved in building pulp factories, as well as from power plant projects in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Denmark. In Finland Hirvonen has worked with, among others, the Äänekoski biotech plant and several commercial projects in the Capital City area and in the Tampere region.

“Projects like the Metro do not come up very often in one’s career, so of course I grabbed this opportunity with interest. I have generally also been interested in “once in a lifetime” projects, the building of a pulp factory in Uruguay was a similar experience,” says Hirvonen.

Kimmo Hirvonen