Temporary parking arrangements in Lauttasaari

West metro construction in Lauttasaari proceeding according to plan – temporary parking arrangements on Tallbergin puistotie and in Lahnalahti park.

Länsimetro is commencing construction of the entrances to Lauttasaari station. The station worksites will temporarily make it necessary to take public parking spaces out of use on Otavantie, Kauppaneuvoksentie and Gyldenintie. Some parking spaces on the courtyards of residential buildings will also become temporarily unavailable.

To compensate for the loss of private parking spaces a temporary parking area will be built at the eastern end of the sports field in Lahnalahti park. The parking area will have 40 parking spaces, with parking subject to a permit. The permits will be given to residents of the buildings affected by the worksites. The temporary parking area will be covered by municipal parking control, and is not intended for public use.

To compensate for the loss of public parking spaces temporary kerbside parking will be allowed on Tallbergin puistotie. The arrangement will result in around 25 public parking spaces. A temporary walkway will run alongside the parking spaces.

The aim is to have the temporary parking spaces available at the beginning of October.

Further information

Länsimetro Oy, CEO Matti Kokkinen, tel. +358 50 347 1558