Structural engineering specialist joins design team – experience from major projects

Atte Heiskanen (Master of Engineering) has joined the West Metro project as a project engineer. Heiskanen works in Soukka station’s design management and his tasks include, among other things, coordinating design solutions and various design fields, such as architectural and structural design, monitoring the design schedules and coordinating them with the project management contractor.

Heiskanen has previously worked as Project Manager at Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy and been involved in the Redi shopping centre and the Helsinki Olympic Stadium projects, just to name a few examples.

“Major projects have many things in common, such as coordination challenges, and they always involve a lot of expertise and many parties,” Heiskanen says.

For Heiskanen, joining Länsimetro means taking a leap into an even larger project.

“I applied for the West Metro project because I wanted to paint with an even bigger brush, so to speak. I wanted to move to the next level and work on larger entities instead of detailed plans,” he says.

Heiskanen is also interested in the metro as a mobility solution of the future.

“In future, environmental concerns alone will dictate the need for various mobility options that can be combined. A bicycle, for example, is often a convenient way to reach the metro station,” he says.

Heiskanen has worked on the project since spring 2019, and he feels part of the team.

“My first impression was that the project involves a lot of expertise and experience and great colleagues,” he says.

Heiskanen also regularly visits worksites – structural design continues during construction, and the plans are refined with the contractor. In addition, design meetings are organised with designers, and various coordination and planning meetings are held with the other parties involved in the project.

“Worksite visits bring a nice variety to the workday,” Heiskanen says.