Soukanväylä worksite area to be landscaped from 15 March until 31 May 2021

Landscaping work on the Soukanväylä worksite area at the Soukka metro station will begin on 15 March and continue until the end of May. The area will be restored and landscaped in accordance with the environmental plan. An illuminated pedestrian and bike path will be constructed on Soukanväylä. As part of the landscaping, the barrier surrounding the worksite will be removed and a chain-link fence will be installed.

Soukanväylä’s service tunnel and exit shaft are at the West Metro’s Soukanväylä worksite area. During construction, the metro builders use them to access the worksite. Once the metro is completed, the Soukanväylä service tunnel will be used periodically for maintenance on the Soukka metro station. The exit shaft is related to the metro’s safety, serving as an emergency exit from the metro tunnel for commuters. There are nine exit shafts along the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti metro section.

Ilmakuva Soukanväylän metrotyömaasta.

Further information

24/7 phone line of the Soukka contractor, consortium YIT–ARE: +358 (0)40 628 8161
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