Sneak peek at a metro worksite: fire sliding door installation underway

Altogether 33 fire roller shutter doors and 46 fire sliding doors will be installed on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. Around 40% of the doors have already been installed.

The West Metro is being built to be one of the world’s safest metro systems. In emergency situations, the metro’s safety will be ensured with, among other things, fire sliding doors and fire roller shutter doors. In case of fire, the doors will be used for compartmentation of the metro station’s facilities to protect it from fire. A door is a fire sliding door when there is space for it to open sideways, and a fire roller shutter door when there is no room for it to open sideways.

Installation of the fire sliding doors began in summer 2019. The first fire sliding door was installed in the Hyljetie shaft of the rail line in June. By early winter, all of the rail line’s fire sliding doors had been installed. In February, installation of the fire sliding doors was begun at the Kivenlahti station, where the final door will be installed this week. Next in line is the installation of Kaitaa station’s fire sliding doors. The supplier of the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section’s fire sliding doors and fire roller shutter doors is Mesvac Oy.


The installation and testing of the Kivenlahti fire sliding doors is almost completed. The video (in Finnish) shows the testing of the Kivenlahti station’s fire sliding door, which will isolate the rail line and the smoke extraction fan space from one another. 

The installation of fire sliding doors and roller shutter doors is one of 30 subcontracts that are carried out on the entire metro line. A large proportion of the subcontracts are related to the metro’s safety. These subcontracts include standby generators, smoke extraction fans, camera surveillance, the fire alarm system and public address system for emergencies. Others include escalators and elevators.