Shaft work to begin at Mäntyviita shaft in Tapiola

Construction work on the West Metro underground tunnel shaft is about to start in Tapiola in the Mäntyviita area. The work commenced in December 2012 with the felling of trees on the construction site and fencing in of the site. Near the construction area, there is an adjacent area to be used for storage.

The actual construction of the shaft will commence in week 2 in 2013. The work stages to be carried out above the ground include excavation in earth, levelling of the ground surface and the drilling of the excavation holes.

Blasting work will be carried out in the tunnel, and the broken rock will be hauled away through the Tekniikantie work site base in Otaniemi. Earthwork and excavation work will continue until July 2013. Shaft structures and the shaft building above the ground will be constructed in 2013-2014.

In the underground tunnel there is a shaft, reaching up to the surface every 600 metres, for emergency exit, smoke extraction, pressure equalisation and ventilation. There is an emergency exit stairway with fire compartments halfway through the shaft. The number of vertical shafts on the route totals 15.

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