Shaft construction begins at the Tontunmäki site

Work on the shaft connected to the West Metro tunnels in Tontunmäki will continue with shaft element installations and construction of the shaft building.

Element installations will begin in August, and construction work will begin later in the autumn. The working hours for the element installations and construction work will be 07.00 to 22.00 (Mon-Fri). The outdoor work around the shaft building will be completed in spring 2015.

The shaft elements will be delivered to the site by lorry and lifted into place using a crane. The site is fenced off.

Further information

Shaft element installation and shaft building construction:
YIT / Mikko Iso-Markku, tel. 040 869 1034
YIT emergency helpline, tel. 050 3900 766
West Metro supervisor Petri Salmi, Sweco PM, tel. 040 707 8191
Länsimetro Oy feedback phone number (Mon-Fri 09.00 to 15.00) 050 377 3700