Rescue drill at the Sammalvuori depot – Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services is practicing rescue during construction

The Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services is practicing at the Sammalvuori depot construction site on 14.5 and 23.5.2018 starting at 9:30 AM for about two hours. In both training exercises the accident situation is a small fire.

From four to seven Rescue Services units will participate in the exercises, and because of this emergency vehicles will be moving about in the vicinity of the depot. The drill will involve the use of harmless light grey smoke that is not hazardous to health. No calls to the Emergency Response Centre should be made concerning the smoke used in the rescue drill, unless the smoke originates from a source other than the drill.

The public are requested, as far as possible, to avoid the area where the exercise is taking place so as not to disturb the exercise.

The Länsi-Uusimaa Department of Rescue Services is preparing itself with the exercise for rescues during construction. The excavation work at the Sammalvuori depot has ended and construction begun. Pouring of concrete and building infrastructure work is being done at the worksite.

Further information on the drill:

Länsimetro Oy, Satu Linkola, Communications Manager, tel. +358 (0)46 877 3392

Fire Chief Janne Räsänen, Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department, tel. +358 (0)45 130 8573