New phase, new look!

Länsimetro Oy has entered a new phase of operations this year after the multi-year West Metro construction project was completed and commuter traffic began on phase II, the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section, in December 2022. Phase I consisted of constructing the Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section, on which commuter traffic began in November 2017.

“This year at Länsimetro, we have sharpened our new shared direction as an owner of modern metro infrastructure that will stand the test of time, creating strategic outlines for the years ahead. This has already led to concrete changes in many employees’ job profiles and in the summer, the expert organisation will move to Keilaniemi, into premises that are better suited for a team with fewer members than the project organisation. The Board of Directors approved Länsimetro Oy’s strategic outlines in its meeting in May. Länsimetro Oy operates in the background of the public transport operators as the expert organisation for owning and developing the metro infrastructure and uses its expertise to ensure that the metro is a successful, safe and attractive form of transport. Länsimetro will continue to carry out its own development tasks, including the construction and commissioning of the second entrances to the Kivenlahti and Koivusaari stations as the areas develop. Länsimetro will also participate with its expertise in the changes and development taking place in the urban environment,” says Ville Saksi, CEO of Länsimetro Oy.

Länsimetro’s new logo and colour scheme

Länsimetro’s look was freshened up to mark the beginning of a new phase and a shift in the focus of its operations. The new look is meant to further reinforce the company’s identity as an owner of modern metro infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

Länsimetro logo

  • The circle in the new logo depicts a station symbol. Länsimetro owns 13 metro stations: Lauttasaari, Koivusaari, Keilaniemi, Aalto University, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu, Matinkylä, Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti.
  • The letters L and M linked together inside the circle symbolise the metro track which comes in on one side and goes out on the other side of the circle in a continuous movement. The track section for commuter traffic owned by Länsimetro from Helsinki’s Ruoholahti to Espoo’s Kivenlahti is 21 kilometres long. The continuous line also illustrates that the metro track and stations in the Helsinki region continue to the east after the section owned by Länsimetro. The trunk metro line runs eastward from Ruoholahti and is owned by the City of Helsinki (Helsinki City Transport, HKL). Continuous co-operation is key.
  • The logo is blue. Länsimetro Oy is a mutual real estate company jointly owned by the City of Espoo (85%) and the City of Helsinki (15%). Länsimetro’s logo brings together the blue found in the logo of the City of Espoo and the blue hues of the Helsinki brand. The logo’s colours are also in line with the colour scheme used by Länsimetro’s key partners, Metropolitan Area Transport, Helsinki City Transport and the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL), because Länsimetro, as the owner of modern metro infrastructure and an expert organisation, works closely with the public transport operators in the Helsinki region.

Länsimetro’s brand colours are two fresh blue hues, an energetic green and a light beige. The colour palette is complemented by purple and yellow-orange

Länsimetro’s website has been updated to reflect the new visual identity. The contents have been updated to be consistent with the company’s ownership tasks and to describe the metro infrastructure owned by Länsimetro Oy. Contents on the different language pages will also be updated gradually. The social media channels will also be revamped to reflect the new look.