New electrical expert and scheduling engineer enjoy being on site

The West Metro project has gained two new experts – Juha Kylmänen is starting work as an electrical expert at the Sammalvuori depot and Timo Heiskanen as a scheduling engineer.

Kylmänen, who is from Oulu, has a degree in industrial engineering (B. Eng.) and specialises in machine automation technology.

Metro construction is already familiar to Kylmänen because he was involved in the construction of the Urheilupuisto and Koivusaari stations with his former employer, Amplit Oy. Kylmänen was responsible for completing the electrical work of the stations.

“The special thing about electrical work for the metro is that the supply of electricity is exceptionally well secured. If the primary supply fails, an equivalent system is found immediately”, Kylmänen says.

Kylmänen’s previous work experience includes, for example, working as a maintenance manager at Kontiotuote Oy and as a production and maintenance manager at Pipelife Oy.

“It is nice to look at construction from this side now, as I have a lot of experience from the perspective of a contractor”, Kylmänen says.

The work at the Sammalvuori depot has already shifted from excavation to the construction phase, meaning that Kylmänen’s working days will mainly be spent on site.

“I already visited the site on Monday, and will start serious work on Wednesday. My work largely consists of supervision and instruction”, Kylmänen says.

Gas pipes, mines, nuclear power – and now the metro

Timo Heiskanen is a trained civil engineer, developer, and also holds an MBA from Aalto University (Master of Business Administration).

Previously, Heiskanen worked in his own company from 2014 onwards. His clients included, for example, Baltic Connector Oy, involving him in the construction project of a gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia. He also has experience in the same field from Pori LNG and the construction of an LNG refuelling station, as well as from the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. Heiskanen has also worked in Australia where he initially went as a backpacker, but ended up getting a job in his own field at Leighton Contractors. Recently, he has been working in a start-up company.

The West Metro as a project offers a view to the new construction sector.

“Since I have already worked on nuclear power plants, mines and gas pipes, I thought that now it would the metro’s turn”, Heiskanen says.

Heiskanen is responsible for the schedule monitoring and management of the second phase project.

“it is important to maintain an up-to-date situational picture. Every day you have to know what is going on – in terms of design, procurement as well as the site”, Heiskanen says.

After the first working days, Heiskanen feels positive and enthusiastic.

“I would like to visit the site already”, he says.