Länsimetro’s Christmas tree in Soukka – Christmas lights switch-on on 16 December

Länsimetro is taking part in Espoonlahti Parish’s Christmas tree campaign for the second year in a row. Espoonlahti Parish is setting up an arboretum of Christmas trees at Soukka Chapel and enlisting local organisations to decorate them. In addition to Länsimetro, other organisations with their own Christmas tree in Soukka include Espoonlahti Scout Groups, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and K-Supermarket Soukka. A total of 17 organisations will contribute to decorating this year’s trees.

“It is important for us to have good relationships with organisations that operate within the area affected by our construction works, and our cooperation with Espoonlahti Parish has always run smoothly. This is a nice, festive campaign that we are thrilled to be a part of again”, says Länsimetro’s Communications Manager Saija Räsänen.

The West Metro station in Soukka will be located just 300 metres from the chapel. In fact, all the stations that will be built during the second phase of the project are within Espoonlahti Parish, and the church will therefore benefit from the handy access that the West Metro will provide for its followers who live further away.

The arboretum will be set up on 14 December, and the official switch-on ceremony at the chapel is scheduled for Sunday, 16 December. The trees will bring cheer to passers-by outside the chapel until 23 December, when they – and their decorations – will be donated to families in need. The organisations responsible for decorating the trees are free to choose their own theme – Länsimetro’s tree will be adorned with orange baubles.