Excavation work for Soukka metro station and rail tunnel begins

The excavation of the Soukka access tunnel began in January 2015 and will be completed soon. After that, the project will proceed to the excavation of the Soukka metro station and rail tunnel. Skanska Infra Oy is the excavation contractor of this entity. The work will begin immediately after the completion of the excavation of the access tunnel during October.

Working hours at the site, as determined by the Espoo Environment Institute, are as follows:
Earthwork and open excavation
• Mon–Fri 7.00–18.00 (quiet work also between 18.00–22.00, Sat 9.00–18.00)
Tunnel excavation (grout hole drilling, drilling, scaling)
• Mon–Fri 7.00–18.00 (quiet work also between 18.00–7.00)
Blasting in the tunnel
• Mon–Fri 7.00–22.00 and Sat 9.00–18.00
Loading of excavated rock and transportation
• Mon–Fri 7.00–22.00 and weekends 9.00–22.00
• If no disturbance is caused to residents, also: Mon–Fri 22.00–7.00 and weekends

Excavated rock will be taken to Länsiväylä and further afield for use in other construction projects. Haulage will be based on the blasting times. Blasting will occur 1–3 times a day.
The monitoring service available on the Länsimetro website shows the rail line and the location of stations and shafts. You can also monitor the progress of excavation work at the service.

A briefing for residents on the project and excavations will be held in the Soukka School (Soukankuja 5) on Tuesday 6 October at 18.00. We apologise for any disturbance caused by the work.

More information:
Skanska Infra Oy, responsible Site Manager Lauri Harri, lauri.harri(at)skanska.fi, tel. +358 50 560 9092
Länsimetro feedback phone, Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00, tel. +358 50 377 3700