Excavation of Kaitaantie entrance begins

The excavation of the Kaitaantie entrance will begin on Länsimetro’s work-site on Kaitaantie in week 35.

This involves the surface excavation of an escalator shaft, which will create a noise disturbance in the neighbourhood. A sound signal will be used to announce detonations in advance during the surface excavation.

The excavation will be performed from 7am to 6pm and will continue for around 3-4 weeks.

After the excavation, pressure grouting and the excavation of the foundation bases will begin at the base of the station hall. Shotcreting will begin in the station hall area at the same time.

Further information: Länsimetro feedback phone number (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00), +358 (0)50 377 3700

Hotline for the Kaitaa site (24/7): +358 (0)40 183 0090

You can use our monitoring service to follow progress with the excavation and view the location of the work-site areas: seuranta.lansimetro.fi