Excavated rock loaded in Sammalvuori on a new timetable

Excavated rock at west metro’s Sammalvuori depot site will be dumped, loaded and screened between 6 March and 30 June 2017 on a new timetable. The timetable has been adjusted.

The noise permit complied with states that excavated rock transported out of the tunnel may be dumped on the north-east side of the tunnel mouth at Sammalvuori metro depot on weekdays (Mon–Fri) at 7.30–22.00 and, if needed, on Saturdays at 9.00–18.00.

Excavated rock transported out and stored overground may be loaded on weekdays at 7.00–17.30, and screening of excavated rock is allowed on weekdays (Mon–Fri) at 8.00–17.30.

Furthermore, a noise embankment is being built on the edge of the site, and it is estimated to be completed by 18 March.

Further information:

24-hour hotline for the site, Sammalvuori consortium, tel. +358 50 343 7233

Site Manager Juha Selin, juha.selin@kalliorakennus.com
Länsimetro feedback phone number, Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00, tel. +358 50 377 3700