Ecological ground heat used for energy production at the Sammalvuori depot

The drilling of a test hole for a ground heat well was started at Länsimetro’s Sammalvuori depot on Monday, July 10th. When finished, the depot gets part of its energy from environment friendly and cost effective ground heat.

“At the depot, ground heat is needed to heat the depot premises, which means that the ecological point of view has been taken into consideration”, says Minna Alantie, supervisor of the depot’s excavation work.

The purpose of drilling a test hole is to monitor how the drilling progresses and how the bedrock reacts to it. The test hole is subjected to trt measurements that give an indication of the soil’s thermal conductivity. Protecting tubes made of plastic will also be installed inside the rock to protect the ground heat tubes. The depth of the test hole is 300 meters.

The heating and cooling systems of the depot will be based primarily on the use of geoenergy. You can learn about the functioning principles of ground heat by using, for example, this illustrative picture.

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