Inspections of properties

Prior to the start of excavation, all buildings within 150 metres of the future metro line and access tunnels will undergo a preliminary inspection. Once the project is completed, a final inspection will be performed. Any damage incurred will be determined at this point.

The owner or manager of a building will be contacted by the inspection company in order to arrange a specific inspection time.

The aim of the inspections is to examine the structure and condition of the buildings affected and to document property

Any sensitive equipment in flats and office buildings will be protected. Among the most common sensitive equipment in home use are desktop computers with hard disks. Portable computers, video projectors or set-top boxes, on the other hand, do not require separate protection.

Inspections of the access tunnels on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section will be performed by Kalliotekniikka Consulting Engineers Oy. Their contact person is Project Manager Tommi Salomaa, M.Sc., tel. 0207 437 406. Inspections of station and rail tunnel excavations will be performed by Finnrock Oy. Their contact person is Project Manager Eero Hurmalainen, tel. 010 832 1306.

Frequently asked questions and answers related to inspections

Is it necessary for a flat owner to be present at an inspection?

No, it is not. A representative of a housing corporation supervises the inspection.

Can I refuse the inspection of my flat?

If you wish, you can refuse an inspection by notifying the inspection company or the property manager in advance.

What if I forget the time of the inspection and accidentally lock the security lock of my flat? Can I reschedule the inspection?

You can contact the inspection company and try to reschedule the inspection. However, this should be avoided, if at all possible.

How much in advance will I receive a notification of an inspection?

The inspection company will send a letter to residents informing them of the inspection time and procedures some 1–2 weeks before the start of the inspection.

Can I leave my pet in the flat for the duration of the inspection?

It is recommended that pet owners are present at a flat during the inspection. However, it is not absolutely necessary if it is possible to put the pet into one room for the duration of the inspection. Please note that the inspection company must always be informed in advance of any pets in a flat, for example, by leaving a note on the door about the pets and their location.

How can I be sure that the inspection company is reliable?

Residents are always informed in advance of an inspection with a letter about 1–2 weeks before the time of the inspection. In addition, inspectors that have been hired by Länsimetro must always present their identity card that has a Länsimetro symbol on it. Also, a representative of a housing corporation, a property management company or a maintenance company will always be present.

What should I do if I have not been informed of an inspection in advance and an inspector is trying to access my flat?

If you have not received a notification of an inspection and the person who is trying to perform an inspection does not have an identity card, the person in question must not be let in the flat. Both Länsimetro and preferably also the police should always be notified of any suspicious persons.

In which order are properties inspected?

First, inspections are performed in properties that are in the vicinity of the access tunnels, at an average distance of about 150 metres. Only after those inspections have been completed, properties that are close to the rail tunnel are inspected.

Can excavation start even though all of the inspections are not completed?

Before excavation can be started, all inspections must be performed in properties that are located in the area affected by excavation; that is, at a minimum distance of about 150 metres. As the excavation proceeds, inspections must also proceed at least at the same pace in front of the excavations.

What is the usual schedule of inspections?

The best time for an inspection is just before excavations start. This ensures the most reliable and up-to-date status of the condition of a property before excavations. Usually, an inspection is performed a couple of months in advance. Therefore, it is possible that excavation has been started and some of the properties have not yet been inspected.