Excavation of Soukka station and rail line

Soukka station and rail line will be excavated by Skanska Infra Oy.

Excavation of the Soukka rail tunnels and turnout chamber has been completed. Tunnel excavation for the station and the reinforcement of rail tunnels have been completed.

Also, the Yläkartanonkuja and Soukanväylä technical shafts and the channels and pools at the base of the station and turnout chamber are ready. All other excavation work, except the Yläkartanontie entrance, has been completed at this point.

Preparations for the Yläkartanontie entrance started at the end of 2017 as special traffic arrangements were introduced in the area.

Site contact information:
Site address: Soukanväylä 7

Further information on the worksite: West Metro feedback phone number (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00): +358 50 377 3700

What are shafts and how are they excavated? Further information on shaft buildings.

Working hours as determined by the Finnish Environment Institute

Noise decision regarding excavation and sheeting in Soukka