A consortium established by Destia Oy and Metrostav a.s. will realise the excavation contract of Espoonlahti station and rail tunnels. The excavation contract for the station and rail tunnels started in May 2016 and will be completed in August 2018.

Rail tunnels to the east and west have been excavated, as well as the depot connection. Rail tunnels to the east have generally been reinforced. To the west they have been reinforced up to the connecting line.

The tunnels between Espoonlahti and Soukka have been opened, as well as the tunnels between Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti, and the connecting line towards Sammalvuori depot.

At the station, the Espoonlahdentori entrance is being excavated and reinforced. The work will be completed in April 2018.

The work at the Solmutori entrance overlaps with the demolition of Lippulaiva shopping centre. Close to the future Solmutori entrance, the Citycon shopping centre  will be open excavated from January 2018 for approximately two months. The west metro started the pre-reinforcement of the Solmutori entrance during week 5. This includes bolting and pre-grouting. The actual west metro excavation work at the entrance will start around the beginning of March and will last until the end of May. Generally, shaft work will continue until the end of August 2018.

The Maininkitie shaft will being reinforced until around the end of February. The end of the shaft will be excavated and reinforced until around the beginning of March.

Excavation and reinforcement of the Opettajantie shaft have been completed.

The new Lippulaiva shopping center is being built close to the metro

In addition to Länsimetro, other parties are also operating close to the Espoonlahti construction site – Citycon has decided to invest in the development of the Lippulaiva shopping centre. The plan is to demolish the present shopping centre and replace it with a new Lippulaiva shopping centre, twice as large as the present one.

The dismantling of Lippulaiva started on 23 October 2017 and will continue for about 6 months. Further information may be found on the website of the temporary Pikkulaiva shopping centre.

Espoonlahdenkatu is closed to traffic due to the Lippulaiva construction site between Maakravunkuja and Lokirinne, which starts operating on 14 August 2017.

Further information on construction of the Lippulaiva shopping centre

Espoo’s website contains information on other developments in the area

Site contact information:

Hotline for the site: 040 637 5377
Project Manager Rami Tuovinen, Destia Oy, rami.tuovinen(at)
Site address: Tähystäjänkatu 4, Espoo (see picture)

What are shafts and how are they excavated? Further information on shaft buildings.

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The construction site and blasted rock transportation route at Espoonlahti