Metro depot

The metro depot is located in the Sammalvuori area, tucked between Nöykkiönkatu and the Länsiväylä motorway ramps. The depot is accessed from the rail line between Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti stations.

Overground structures include an access tunnel entrance, an entrance for employees, and technical shaft buildings. Two underground halls are being constructed in the Sammalvuori depot; one for the night-time storage of the trains, the other for maintenance facilities. The maintenance hall is approximately 200 metres long and wide enough for three trains and the required service space between them, for a total of some 25 metres.  Technical facilities are also located at the northern end of the maintenance hall. The train storage hall is about 400 metres long and 26 metres wide.

Sammalvuori metro depot in the project plan (in Finnish) (pdf)

News on the work stages at the depot site can be found under the Worksite areas section.