Worksite employee numbers and nationalities

At the end of May 2020, Länsimetro’s construction project at Matinkylä-Kivenlahti employed 1,163 people (1,305 in January 2020). At its largest, the number of people involved in the project was 1,459 in November 2019. In May, the project’s client organisation employed 131 experts, 187 engineering and measurement employees and 845 builders in different worksite projects. In May 2020, 60.6 per cent of the worksite employees were Finnish, 20.2 per cent Estonian and the remainder consisted of several different nationalities. Builders at the worksites came from many countries: Finland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Afghanistan, Albania, The Gambia, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Iraq, Nigeria, France, Portugal, Iran, Ghana and New Zealand. See the selected contractors.

An integrated project organisation that binds all parties has been established for the project; all of the project organisation’s approximately 120 experts work in Matinkylä, Espoo, under the ‘big room’ principle. The project adopted the big room concept in June 2017. Länsimetro Oy, consultants from different sectors and other parties involved in the project all work under the same roof. The public authorities, such as city representatives and Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, have been provided with dedicated work stations, which improves the flow of information between the partners. The big room operating model is both a physical space and a way of working.