Obstacle-free access

The metro is for everybody

The metro must be easy to use. Careful planning ensures that occasional passengers and tourists can also use the metro easily. The metro must also be safe to use for the disabled or the visually impaired passengers.

The facilities will have unobstructed access and their functions will be easy to use and logical. The accessible route will be connected with the main entrance. Accessible routes will be marked with embossing to guide and warn visually impaired passengers, who will also be guided by audible information.

Good lighting improves usability and increases safety. Uninterrupted and illustrative guidance will make passenger transfer easier.

The following studies have been carried out by the students of Aalto University and the Research Institute for Health Care Facilities (Sotera) on unobstructed access:

Metroasema käyttökokemuksena (Metro Station as User Experience) – Sirpa Laitinen (pdf in Finnish)
Terminaalin matkustajavirtojen ominaiseuudet ja suunnittelu (Characteristics and planning of passenger flows in terminals) – Erica Roselius (pdf in Finnish)