Länsimetro Oy’s task is to build, own, maintain and develop the West Metro system, tracks and stations from Ruoholahti westwards. The transport operator and developer of the rail section and stations from Ruoholahti eastward is the Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd. As the metro system and infrastructure owner, Länsimetro Oy’s task is to ensure that the West Metro’s metro system and its stations provide a safe commuting environment throughout their lifecycle. For Länsimetro, the elements of responsible ownership are transparency, safety, environmental consideration, pride in our work and an economic lifecycle approach.

Länsimetro is involved in the City of Espoo’s Voluntary Local Review (VLR) report. VLR is a city-level voluntary sustainable development report which assesses how a city promotes the UN’s Agenda2030 sustainable development goals. The report includes the city’s views on which sustainable development goals and areas have been taken into account, and how, and what the city can do to improve the sustainable development of its residents’ living environment and business in the future.


Aalto University metro station