Five chief designers

Five chief designers have been selected for the west metro project to serve as experts in architectural design, geotechnical engineering, rock engineering, structural engineering and technical building services. The chief designers will steer construction planning, decide on design criteria and monitor design quality and feasibility, and coordinate planning.

Chief designers
Architectural chief designer (PS-ARK)
Arkkitehti SAFA Hannu Mikola
CJN Architects

Rock engineering chief designer (PS-KAT)
Juha Salmelainen
Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd

Structural engineering chief designer (PS-RAK)
Jyrki Jauhiainen
Finnmap Consulting Oy

Geotechnical engineering chief designer (PS-GEO)
Markku Tuhola
A-Insinöörit Oy

Technical building services chief designers (PS-TATE)
Heikki Myllykoski (LVI)
Taito Kyyhkynen (SA)
Airix Talotekniikka Oy